Howsoever GOD blessed the New Testament Saints: the first Church who was despised  and persecuted yet stands steadfastly, unmovable, securely fastened on the Rock, so is the humble Church of Bulihan. Found below is the concluding remarks about our local Church's history.

Appointing a shepherd to handle the little flock of GMA Church was God’s another perfect deed. The Church became more established, giving relief to worried souls with full assurance of pure and non - denominated Word of God. The succeeding years of Pastor Franco’s ministry was vindicated by God proven by the manifestation of divine power and spiritual growth among the congregation. However, the enemy who was displeased of what’s going on tried to fix things that could have hindered progress of the Church. A conflict between the former Pastor Daniel Togonon and Pastor Franco arose which forced the whole flock to transfer their place of worship.

On May 1987, the church building was sold. It was the worst trial the GMA Church ever had. A picture of sad faces was seen among the congregation as they helped their Pastor move their belongings to another house they had rented few blocks away. It was just a small house with one bedroom enough to be occupied by Pastor Franco and his family. Fortunately, it had a wide yard where they could temporarily hold their services. Nevertheless, this did not stop the outpouring of God’s blessings plus the fact that more souls (most are youths) have given their lives to Christ. During rainy days, a dedicated sister, Sis. Luz, was kind enough to lend their house to be used in worships since their meeting place was sheltered only by big trees. This trial did not create any disappointment among the congregation nor did it push them to refrain from waiting for the perfect place or worship God had prepared them.

This pitiful condition of GMA Bride lasted for only six months. Before October 1987 ended, our Pastor and his family left for their new yet unfinished house in Bulihan, Silang, Cavite. It became their new home and at the same time was used during services. Few months later, adjacent to their house, our Pastor with the help of our brethren started building the new temple. Our Jehovah – Jireh miraculously supplied everything they needed through brethren who were financially blessed during that time. While the construction was going on, many souls in that place were converted as a vindication that they had found the right place according to the perfect will of God. The chapel was fully done before the year 1989 ended. It was God’s another answer to the fervent prayers of the Bride.

In April 12, 1990, the Endtime Message Ministry – Bulihan Church was dedicated. It was also on this day when the Church gave birth to Youth Ministry. As a part of this celebration, our church was privileged to host the very first Youth Convention in the south of Metro Manila. Young people from some churches in Luzon came and joined in. Moreover, an overnight service was held on that night and was graced by a Singaporean Missionary; Bro. Richard Gan. Later on, new sets of Local Church officers were elected. This was the second election in the church.

The next four years of the Church were blessed and the number of members multiplied until another miracle was done by God bringing happiness to the whole flock. For more than two weeks, the congregation was able to raise fund for the building’s renovation. Last December 1994, the chapel was expanded twice its size, extending even to the house occupied by the Pastor’s family. Because of this, our Pastor had to rent a house few blocks away from the chapel. On December 29, 1993, the church was rededicated by holding an overnight service with Pastor Nonoy Togonon and Bro. Angelino Acosta as speakers. Due to the rising number of believers and transfer of some officers to other churches, a third election was held for another new set of Church’s officers on February 04, 1994.

After all those years of pressures and pains, this Church of Bulihan which founded by God two decades ago remains and grows according to His purpose. Some vindications were the airing of the pure Word of God in this endtime over the radio hosted by our Pastor and Pastor Nonoy Togonon of San Pedro Church which started on January 1993, and the young people’s dream – come – true church newsletter. Thru these, the Message of the Hour is being proclaimed to several places in the Philippines proven by the increasing outreaches in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

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